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You’re warmly invited to join the dynamic new cycle of The Nazareine Wisdom Group where we discussed in our recent Zoom conversation that we’re taking to another level.

It’s one in which you sustain the creation of lives and community, feel heard, understood & seen in community that is free of judgement… Your strength by connection through your Being, connected to your own internal compass and using it to guide you, your richest, most joyful life will evolve

This new cycle of The Nazareine Wisdom Group includes powerful resources to support you in expanding your awareness and sustaining the meaningful, satisfying life you are increasingly experiencing.

A private community, most of its value comes from engaging in the guided practices, teachings and experiential exercises delivered by The Nazareine & myself as His channel, quarterly using advanced internet technology from the new Anna Hughes website.

Here, you will have unlimited access to the entire library of the Nazareine & Anna Hughes. Each month a publication is released, specifically engaging you in guided practices, teachings, talks and live meditations streamed to your computer, that will be:
1. The Nazareine Wisdom Group Teaching & Practices, integration exercises, laser breathroughs
2. Talks giving you proprietary strategies and tools to help you reach your personal goals within finance, business/career, relationships, emotions and health.
3. Newly added meditations; Spiritual guidance – hearing your own higher wisdom and being courageous to fulfil it.
4. Your Q&A’s; Direct access to The Nazareine & Anna Hughes for your difficult questions. It’s the only way to get access to us to help with your biggest challenges.
5. The Nazareine & Anna Hughes in Conversation about topics that include the Nature of Being, Understanding Identity, Truth about Freedom, on Death and Dying Life situations, and much more, all about opening yourself totally, absolutely to Life.
Just beautiful.

In just over 2 weeks weeks, the Autumnal Equinox and my 60th birthday synchronistically occur on 22nd September.

Together on the subsequent weekend being the best time for you; we will begin with our Autumnal Equinox Gathering, on Saturday, September 24th at 4pm Hong Kong/Singapore time (9am UKT, 1800 Sydney/Melbourne and (unfortunately)2am Denver time.

We will take this wonderful exploration of Belonging to Self to new and even more wondrous levels, a direct connection with source & Spirit, deeper knowing to see increasingly more clearly; shifting conditions of life & rise above them.

Accept What-Is, Flow by connection source energy of Being. Touch the infinite Being, incorporation to spirit on your human journey and navigate clearly with power & discernment…… And much, much more. All That Is, in effect, from my heart to yours.

Finally, once per year, exclusively together The Nazareine Wisdom Group will have opportunity to join together in an intimate retreat in a space as called by Spirit, Beautiful individuals touching Light just by your Being.

To join us, together with the Nazareine in this upcoming Autumnal Equinox webinar on Saturday, September 24th at 4pm Hong Kong/Singapore time (9am UKT, 1800 Sydney/Melbourne and (unfortunately) 2am Denver time.

Select either of the Two ways to pay the debenture by Paypal:

Click here for Quarterly payments of $432 (only $144 per month) to Join The Nazareine Wisdom Group


Click here for Annual payments of $1,408 (saving of $345) to Join The Nazareine Wisdom Group

Looking forward very much to seeing you on Saturday 24th September, at your local time, wherever in the world you are.

With love, always.

Anna xxx

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