Women Walking In Wisdom

A Clear Channel For Intuition And Rapidly Accelerate Bringing A Vision Of Service Into Material Form.

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8 Modules

A. Healing and Releasing. Using Intuition as Soul. Soul Finally Speaking Through You.

D. Focused View. Bringing Spirit into Material Form.

Addendum 1. Teaching Pictograms. Mapping Out Energy to View.

B. Looking At Your Own Desire. Your Sacred Word, Expressed.

C. Relating from Inside-Out. Soul Construct and Free Will Beyond the Cycle of Suffering and Self Destruction

F. Sharing Voice and Vision. Acknowledging, Accepting and Sharing (Your) Spiritual Presence in Communities of the Heart.

E. Moving Forward. Anchoring the Self Identity in the Heart of Spirit. Six Awareness Practices to Keep Energy Pure.

Addendum 2. Voice Recordings Only.