Sacred Woman Moon Circle : Your Refined Intelligence, Visionary Genius

$950 / year

Experience deeper levels within the Sacred Woman Circle and subsequently, spiritual evolution; Privately with Anna Hughes, schedule anytime throughout the next 12 months any Two Sacred Conversations by zoom web meeting (60 min duration).

An exclusive Sacred Conversation for you — one in which you are fully seen and heard; where it’s safe to explore your challenges and grow steadily into your power and true-self; where you can refine your thinking in an illuminating conversation with Anna Hughes at a multi-dimensional level to embrace your own deep desires, which are the voice of your intuition calling you to your next stage of evolution.

Together, have ample opportunity to ask questions directly with Anna Hughes, engage in stimulating discussions
to shape pathways with a clear vision and strategic plan for the next steps in your leadership and your life’s work.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

Lots of love,
Anna x