Getting started?

Well here you are. As the old saying goes, every journey starts with the first step. Before this, though, you made a choice to step in. And this is wonderful, for you. Your dream too. You stand here now ready, now to move beyond time, into rhythm. A natural rhythm that is in Divine Right […]

Love and Self Nurture

Everything in this sacred work has a purpose, and one of the key component parts is Love and Self Nurture,  mostly because as women we so often and easily leave ourselves right at the end of that perpetual To Do List. When you more naturally in tune with the call of your sacred inner being, […]

Healing Mother Nature

Spirit is calling us as Sacred Woman to look at All That Is Nature – Mother Nature, Mother Earth, look at it and say “let us live more in balance and harmony, particularly with the seasons. Let us live as caretakers of this planet not as those who believe they are entitled to whatever they […]

Secret Sacred Garden

Essentially an exploration of female essence wherein everything is well and truly alive, naturally inclusive too, you merge with a Living Moon that lights your way into these enchanted inner worlds – where language is beyond words. You open further to the hidden realms of Life and all the resources therein available to you, as […]

New Moon Magik

New Moon Magik

Here’s your Discovery of your Spiritual Self according to each month’s new moon energy. A kaleidoscope of Life that crystallises in many different ways, create different forms. Guiding, centering and grounding, as your journey unfolds. Another layer of your Wisdom Exploration in addition to the concordant Five Columns of Wisdom that you’re already working with. […]

B. Looking At Your Own Desire. Your Sacred Word, Expressed.

In this module, you cleared ancient beliefs in what you thought you experienced “as done to you by others”. By releasing these old thoughts, you increase the power of your own space, now more thoughtless. With so much less futile emotionally-clasped memories swirling around, unseating you, you become more proficient in evaluating mind-and-heart different perspectives, […]